Giveaway Winner

I wanted to thank everyone for participating in the little giveaway associated with the Martha Stewart event. You posted some very touching stories, and I loved the opportunity to learn more about my readers. I wanted to share with you an excerpt from the winning entry, Thao's, in which she describes the moment she met her future husband. She captures so well the details of the evening, and the inexplicable emotions many of us feel when we meet someone who will change our lives. Many thanks to all and look out for another giveaway opportunity next week.

I can't remember the conversation, precisely, but the feeling of it still returns to me now. Part exhilaration, part comfort. As he got ready to leave at the end of the night, he touched the small of my back, just so. Not presumptuously, and not with clear intent, but naturally, as if that was where his hand was meant to go. I felt protected, cherished--yet still so very free. I knew this man would never hinder me from anything I wanted to do. He'd just be there to bolster me, if I needed it. And yes, reader, I married him. :)