Emprint Studio Visit

         Last week I returned from a trip to the Pacific Northwest, which I’ll be posting more about. First up: a few snapshots from EmPrint Press. I was reflecting on it and I owe Emily a great deal. In college, she was a pixie of talent and inspiration in our book arts class. On vacation in Canada, she made a superlative blackberry pie. A year and a half ago, while planning our wedding, she uttered the fateful words “Why don’t you just do the calligraphy yourself?”. She’s since printed my business cards, our wedding invitations, and now we collaborate often on client projects. Em invited me to her print shop housed in what will soon be revealed as one of the most stunning arts spaces in Portland (and, I’ll go ahead and say it: all of North America). I’m still flabbergasted at what Emily’s managed to accomplish. I won’t go into everything else she does (involving artisanal food production, veterinary medicine, physics and an academic career). But I will say that her print shop is one of the most special places I’ve ever been, and she is one of the most special people I know.

Aisle Candy posted a photo of a recent project Emily and I worked on together -- a charming deckled menu for a wedding celebration in Capri.