Martha Stewart Weddings Event

I was honored to be asked to calligraph dates for the annual Martha Stewart Weddings party last night. The theme was metallics and, as always, the crew at MSW and The Wedding Library pulled out all of the stops with a gigantic tinsel chandelier, glitter dusted desserts and what I can only describe as a gold confetti video installation on the floor. I paired up with Valerie at Spark letterpress to create gold date bookmarks which we finished off with hand dyed ribbon in gold and ivory. It was four hours of storytelling, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Here are my favorite moments from the event:

  • Calligraphing a wedding anniversary date for Annie from Colorado (the Annies are important at MSW). She met Pete back in 1997 when she accidentally dialed the wrong number and ended up in conversation with a friendly stranger who she would go on to marry. She counts how many weeks they've been married (821) which made me tear up.
  • Being approached by Martha Stewart herself, who asked me to calligraph "Alexis," her daughter's name. I cannot overstate her powerful presence.
  • Finally meeting Jenna and Bryn in person (and adoring them instantly). They are two ladies whose work I so admire. Please go check out their calligraphy and blogs. 
  • Calligraphing "November 18, 2010," the day when an only son will return from basic training. Again, tears. 
  • Having someone read, note and appreciate (for the first time!) the small Borges quote printed on the top of the bookmark. I will forever remember the woman who did so.
  • The fashionable young couple eating ice cream who asked me to pen a note of thanks as though written by their young daughter, who was being looked after that evening by her grandfather.
  • The ruckus group of beautiful ladies in sparkly, ruffly dresses who kept begging the DJ for one more R & B song and danced until the lights went up.

And then there are people who make a lasting impression in our fleeting time together: the stunning woman who looked like Paloma Picasso, the young lady in the gold baubled necklace cleverly fixed with a piece of wire, the ebullient man brimming with excitement over his new promotion, the planner who noticed my Santacafe matchbook and swapped local restaurant recommendations. My gratitude goes to everyone who contributed to such a terrific night.

If you stopped by last night: it was delightful meeting you. Please be in touch. And for everyone: look out for another storytelling giveaway later this week.