Collaboration with Jessica, Katrina & Tiffany


My clients have taught me so many lessons about faith: in ourselves, our relationships, and the larger unseen forces of grace. It's an honor to share Jessica's story: 

"My life is a picture of His Grace. Grace...the unmerited favor of God.  Muscular Dystrophy. Losing my father to brain cancer. The losses in my life were graciously used by God to draw me- to show me my weakness, my dependence, and utter need for Him. And, as I’ve experienced repeated trial and loss throughout my life, God had shown me that if I have Him and nothing else, I have everything. Though my physical needs be great, my greatest need was to be saved spiritually. It was By Grace Alone that He saved me (Ephesians 2:8-9) and it is By Grace Alone that He sustains me."

Thank you to Jessica, tattoo artist Katria Polacek (Columbus, Ohio), and photographer Tiffany Burt