These three words, "How much more?" might as well be the mantra for most people these days. It seems that every week we think we've come to the point of All We Can Handle and we are given yet more, and somehow become stronger and more resilient in the process of navigating what is offered with grace and humility. I love the phrase MacKenzie chose. What a powerful reminder that in our brokenness there is always unconditional love. 

These three words are important to me, as they represent something bigger than myself; God's infinite love. If we are able to love and take care of each other as fallible and broken humans, with our short-sighted and conditional love, how much more is an unfailing God able to unconditionally love and take care of us?

Thank you to talented tattoo artist Katie Kroeker from Metamorphosis Body Art (Winnipeg, Canada) and photographer MacKenzie Jean