Florence 11 - 20


Adding to items 1 - 10, here is the next installment of my favorite Florence spots,  11 - 20. 

11. A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco is a clothing shop featuring Florence designers where everything costs four digits. If I had a bottomless bank account, this is where I'd shop. 
12. Perche No gelato is in the top five. Their coffee crunch and mint are to die for.
13. Puimelli gloves has adorable designs, and end of season sales
14. Fabriano Boutique sells a favorite gift: a rainbow set with a different type of paper in every notebook.
15. Mario Volpino beyond the rhinestones are some simple suede heels and flats in bright, unusual hues not found elsewhere.
15. Eleanora shoes has a nice selection of earth tone shoes in silver, gold, gray, brown and black. On Porta Rossa, right next door to Napapijri. 

And as for things money can't buy:
17. San Martino Oratory is a heartbreaking church that has historically served the poor. Inside are frescos depicting the work of the benevolent procuratori: paying for a funeral, settling a prisoners debts; giving out clothing and food. There are two donation boxes, one on the left where people can request anonymous financial assistance and another on the right where you can donate.
18. The safe in the Napapijri shop is one of three confusing experiences where you go into a very modern clothing shop to seek out beautiful secret treasures. Head in, up the stairs and towards the back where you will find a stunning 15th century safe built in to the wall.
19. In the men's clothing store Cornlinai you'll find a gorgeous little 14th-century fresco chapel to the Madonna (pictured above). Head to the right and by the dressing room.
20. Next door at Murphy & Nye you'll come upon a full wall of the remnants of a scene depicting wool production.