Let me preface this by saying that I don't know Why We Are So Lucky. For the last two mornings the words "There must be some kind of mistake...a clerical error..." have been running through my head. But here we are. One moment I am frantically schlepping to Target in the humid Philadelphia heat, covered in ink and basement detritus and the next I am living a few steps from Galileo's house and awakened by the sound of 14th century church bells. I don't think I will ever stop marveling at or being grateful for these contrasts.

As you may recall, we are living in Florence for the year where Andrew has a fellowship at this villa, over here, and which can only be described as wining the jackpot. (He calls me sometimes hyperventilating over his good fortune). I wanted to share a little glimpse of our new life here. From top to bottom: our view, the walkway to the apartment, our entryway, courtyard and my new office.  Also, we have a pomegranate tree, which is up as fall's new header, in celebration of the Jewish New Year. 

Pinching myself, and can't wait to share what is found here.