In keeping with tradition of years one and two, I'm marking our three year anniversary with a picture of Andrew's wedding ring. This year, we were apart for the big day (he in Italy, me watching a giant puppet burn to the groud in Santa Fe). In browsing through the year of photos I came across this one, from this decal tutorial featured on Green Wedding Shoes  It still makes me smile, and I can hear his voice saying "You want me to do what with this sticker thing?" This last year in Los Angeles  I enlisted Andrew to help me with all manner of tasks that I traditionally reserved for my assistant or Philadelphia collaborators. Among them: acting as hand model. He was always uncomplaining and good natured and ready to drop everything to help me. These are three of countless qualities I love and appreicate about him. Here's to many more years of 2 AM deadlines, craft projects, and guest appearances in eachother's work..