What an honor to share my latest tattoo collaboration. Darvá got in touch a while back and wrote: 

"2010 -11’ has been a blessed but at times a challenging year. The beauty is in the struggle.  Five months ago I kissed and hugged my gorgeous wife Amanda and precious son Josiah and set out from Arizona to Dallas to better support my family and further my career in the hospitality industry with my current company (Fairmont Hotels & Resorts).  Thankfully my father would not let me make the drive alone. We shared great conversation and laughs along the way. His presence was greatly appreciated however, I couldn't help to feel an empty space that started as a tiny pinhole and grew to the size of the Grand Canyon.  I miss the two people that mean the world to me everyday I wake up. Due to job availability and other finical reason they remain in Arizona. 

All we have and know is in Arizona (family, fiends, our first house, Josiah's school).  This distance is only temporally (12 more months at most) and for the greater good.  This phrase "aut viam inveniam aut faciam" means  "I will either find a way or make one." It is something that keeps me pushing forward and to overcome life changing challenges."

The phrase he chose is so poingnant and inspiring. Especially in these times of economic uncertainty when the only way to overcome adversity might be in taking an opportunity far away from loved ones. Thank you to Darva, Viet at Blink Custom Art & Tattoos, and photographer Claire Elyse.