I know it has been a few months since the last one, but here is my latest Gratitude Giveaway client, Ben. A while back, Ben wrote: 
"I'm working on a journal that will show my appreciation for how truly remarkable my wife is (you can see her blog here). I plan to provide her with a small note every now and then, articulating a characteristic I adore about her. She can then put these notes she collects in this particular journal titled... and this is where you come in Mara :)...1,000 reasons I absolutely, positively love you.
Just a little background. Before my wife and I were officially dating (just hanging out and flirting), I told her there were 1,000 things I loved about her, which prompted a book/album a little later into our dating years that I never finished completing--I only got to 10 things! Lame-O! So, to this day she sarcastically jokes, "you only love 10 things about me?!!"
We've just completed our 6th [now 7th!] wedding anniversary, and been so busy with life (nearly 4 kids--my wife has 8 weeks left in her pregnancy--in the last 6 years) that every time I try to give the 1,000 reasons journal a little attention, it never actually gets any attention. The cover and interior I had originally put together have grown to look cheesy to me and I've wanted to change it to something more timeless (as described at the beginning)."

Ben's sweetie Rubyellen wrote a little post about receiving the gift, and what she gave him in return, over here. And here is their anniversary portrait. Her blog Cakies is such a fun read.

Here's to many more years and entries in your book!

{Photo courtesy of Rubyellen from Cakies}