I visited the recently opened New Mexico History Museum, a grand new addition to Santa Fe's cultural scene that documents the area's tri-cultural history. The exhibit design is impeccable: juxtapositions of Indian and Spanish serving utensils, projecting past and present images of Santa Fe's streets on the interior canvas of a caravan, audio of the articles of various treaties with Indians read in both English and native languages, old steamer trunks of families who traveled from out east, a haunting room of quotes devoted to the secrecy surrounding the Manhattan project, lantern slides, and an engrossing interactive exhibit on the Segesser Hides from the 1700s-- beautiful, detailed animal hides that depict a battle between the French and Spanish, and their Native American allies. The interactive was designed by Second Story Studio (which seems like an amazing place to work) and you can explore for yourself here. I think what I like most are the gold outlines that emphasize the historical players (including rabbits), and the way that you can zoom in to every square inch and notice things like body paint, flora, fauna and ornamentation.