Collaboration with: Dagstani + Sons

I am over the moon happy to share this project with Raj Dagstani of Dagstani and Sons: A Very Fine Fruit Company (who is a collaborator par excellence and found me through Ingrid).

Raj got in touch to collaborate on a little thank you card that would be sent along with his small batch, artisanal preserves, marmalades and jams. Once in a blue moon a collaborator comes along whose craft and passion is so obvious that it doesn't make sense to exchange money. And so, we traded "jam sessions" subscriptions (for us, for friends) for calligraphy. I waited to open this month's box, which included the card printed by the talented Thomas Printers, until the morning before I left for Santa Fe. It was my reward for completing a heap of projects before the new year. Every aspect - from the packaging to the three color + one blind press labels-- is so thoughtful. As I was readying to dig in to the Cranberry Raspberry it occurred to me that it'd be much better shared which meant swaddling it in my suitcase and bringing it to New Mexico where Andrew and I savored it on toast from Sage Bakery in celebration of our 10 year anniversary. (We are saving the Pear Vanilla).

I'm not sure what magic Raj possess, but every spoonful contains an alchemical mix of delight, comfort, and love.  I can think of no better gift to give or receive, and no more worthy enterprise to support. Here's to another year of satisfying, inspiring collaborations