This American Stamp: The Geophysical Year

Here's what I now know about the International Geophysical Year: the idea started in a living room; it was the century's greatest international scientific project; it encompassed 11 Earth sciences, including aurora, precision mapping and airglow; Sputnik was a product of the IGY. Also, Spandex. Also, these mindblowing stamps. "Superimposed above the solar disc and the fiery solar prominences emanating from it is a segment of Michaelangelo's famous fresco, "The Creation of Adam." The goals of the program: observe geophysical phenomena and to secure data from all parts of the world; to conduct this effort on a coordinated basis by fields, and in space and time, so that results could be collated in a meaningful manner.

Collect results in a meaningful manner will be at the top of my 2010 New Year's Resolution list.