It started with magenta and gold

I just finished a vintage stamp project with a client who was after stamps in gold and magenta, and that integrated Black Heritage stamps in these colors. I know that vintage postage on wedding invitations is nothing new. Stamps can really pull an invitation together, and make it match and look pretty. But vintage postage can also tell a little story.

Each envelope had a combination of state birds, the statue of liberty (which say "liberty for all"), Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., W.C. Handy (talk about magenta-- one of the prettiest stamps around) and tropical flowers. Some also included stamps commemorating our nation's capitol. I just adored assembling each envelope, and each conveyed a sense of history.

The other sweet part of this job is how many of the invitees lived on the same street. I addressed envelope after envelope to residents of one street who lived one house down from the next. It was so lovely to think about such a tight knit community making their way to this special celebration.