Hello there! I'm happy to share this latest tattoo story from Kathleen. The phrase reminds me of this article I read in the New York Times about how serendipity is one quality that, in some ways, protects us during these difficult transitions. 

Two years ago I moved to Zurich, Switzerland with my husband who is getting his master's degree here. We quit our jobs, put our life in storage, and came to this foreign place with nothing more than our two suitcases.

Expecto Patronum is Latin for "I await for a protector." Over the past twelve years and specifically during this transition, my husband has protected me through some really difficult life events.  Expecto Patronum represents my memories growing up with my him as a major Harry Potter fan and serves as a symbol of support and protection.

Many thanks to Kathleen and tattoo artist Jose Flores (Indianapolis, IN).