Cinderella Stamps

I sometimes wonder when or if Cinderella stamps will ever catch on for wedding invites/other types of correspondence. Cinderellas look like a postage stamp but do not carry any value -- they are purely decorative. I recently received a package of them in the mail from a friend (thank you, S.!). I'd never given them much thought but these were lovely.

The Graceful Envelope

Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that only people who travel in calligraphy circles are aware of the Graceful Envelope competition but I think it's just great. Above are some that I especially like from this year.

Also, many of you have asked about calligraphy lessons (specifically, do I give them). Sadly, I don't (nor do I feel qualified) but, if you're in Philadelphia, I highly recommend you head over to the Philadelphia Calligrapher's Society and take a gander at the members who teach. I can give you some specific recommendations if you wish.

Envelopes that break my heart all over the floor

I found these envelopes celebrating the American Bicentennial. Each one honors a different aspect of...well, what makes America great? I get inexplicably emotional when I look at these envelopes-- something about living in a country that once honored the American Craftsman, Farmer and Homemaker on's too much.


I recently wrote one of the most important notes of gratitude of my life. The experience reminded me that I should write these types of expressions more often.