The Reconstructionists

I let out an audible gasp/sob/yelp when I saw this collaboration, The Reconstructionists, between three of my heroes, Lisa Congdon, Maria Popova and Kelli Anderson. Every week this year they are celebrating remarkable women who have changed the world. Just when I thought I could get a handle on the talent of this trio they go do something like this that multiplies their awesomeness by infinity.  I'm going to resist screenshotting it. It seems they want to avoid that. Just go. At once. More about it:

"The project borrows its title from Anaïs Nin, one of the 52 female icons, who wrote of “woman's role in the reconstruction of the world” in a poetic 1944 diary entry — a sentiment that encapsulates the heart of what this undertaking is about: women who have reconstructed, in ways big and small, famous and infamous, timeless and timely, our understanding of ourselves, the world, and our place in it."