Becky just sent along these photos and her tattoo story. It was a treat to work with her and meditate on the meaning of this word she chose throughout the process. 

There has been a lot of loss in my life the past couple of years. The loss of my last grandparent; of a future with a man I was soon to call my husband; a business and livelihood I poured my heart and soul into; people whom I considered friends; my home; and the most impactful loss on my life, my best fur friend and my first foster pup, Delilah. 

Delilah showed me that love isn't measured by the past, but by living in the present. She loved without prejudice. She loved without remembrance or distrust She loved with everything she had.

Looking back on the last few years the one clear thread that has bound my life together and stitched me into who I am at this very moment, was that of love. It is so easy to water down that word and the very strong meaning it holds. 

I had desired to get a tattoo for quite some time. To me, love, was the perfect word. A reminder on how to live my life. On how to treat others. The word itself, being so simple yet so complex, encompasses who I am as a woman and my desire to live intentionally.
My business name is designedbylove. God designed me and gave me the gifts I have. God is love. 1 Corinthians 13 defines love as God intends. "Patient, kind, never boastful. Not easy to anger. Keeping no record of wrongs. Delighting in the truth. Always protects, trusts, hopes and always perseveres. Love NEVER fails."  
Thank you Mara for taking this {very} dear and special word that I hold close to my heart and making it become a true piece of art that I get to wear for the rest of my life. Thank you Amy for being there with me as my plus one to capture such special moment in my life. Thank you Muriel for taking me on as a client and making my art come to life. There was special care and much thought put into who would be the one to make this mark on me.
Thank you to all, and especially to Becky for sharing these heartfelt words.