West to east: day 2

We spent the night in Phoenix last night, at an oasis called ZenYard Guest House. The proprietors -- Eddie and Dale -- are delightful and told us about the Musical Instrument Museum. Have you been? The way it works is each country has a display, and that display includes that country's instruments. There is also a TV of footage of musicians in that country playing music and when you stand in front of the TV music plays through your headset. It lands on my list of favorite museums ever. Above: footage from four exhibits (North Korea, Spain, American hip hop and then a video about making scrolls for player pianos). Also, textiles, miniature violins and a map of Africa showing all of the languages (the close up area is like 1 square inch of the continent). And yes, another post office. I had my first raspado. Are you thinking of opening a restaurant in a summery vacation spot (Rob A., I am talking to you)? Include raspados and you will have lines out the door. Basically: shaved ice, fresh fruit in syrup (mango in my case) topped with a ball of vanilla ice cream that, within minutes, melts into this awesome not too sweet shake smoothie type thing. And lastly, my favorite story of the day was at the Opera exhibit at MIM. There I came upon a man and his wife. She was blind. As they listened to the music on their headsets the man would describe to her what he saw on the TV (Him: "Now Madame Butterfy comes out in her kimono." Her: "Are they dancing?" Him: "Now there is an image of Papageno playing the flute." Her: "What does his face look like?"). What an inspiring gesture of love.