So during my freshman year in college I decided to make a human sized nest-swing whereby I commissioned a blacksmith to forge a metal "basket" type structure, wove it with grapevines from a nearby vineyard, filled it with foam, lined it with waterproof cloth, and hung it from a tree on campus. In hindsight, it would have been a lot better had I enlisted the help of a physics major (at a certain point it started to sort of...bend). You can imagine how giddy I was to discover the Treebones nest which sits between two trees (and is immeasurably sturdier and more wonderful than my attempt) and overlooks the Big Sur coast. They had a last minute opening two nights ago and we decamped there with our sleeping bags. The moon was so bright reflecting on the ocean just outside our nest portal and made is almost impossible to sleep, so distracting was the beauty. What an amazing experience. If you ever have the chance, go! (PS: I am now on instagram -- @neithersnow. Are you?)