Last night I had the honor of seeing Pina (in 3D), thanks to a nudge by Daven (my fondness for the director, Wim Wenders, is well-documented). There aren't words, really, to describe it. So all I can say is run, go, watch and then see it again. Lately there's been a blog trend that involves the authors unabashedly announcing that they're about to share something "authentic" and "honest." I'll hold my tongue and instead go positive and say this: in watching Pina, it becomes immediately apparent how work that is authentic and honest does not need a preamble. It is unmistakable, and it is profoundly rare. This was my experience with Pina. What is so striking is how every gesture and expression rings true. You don't need someone to tell you it is so, because it just is. The spectrum of human emotion and experience conveyed in the choreography, movements and dancers' reflections about Pina threw into sharp relief the other aesthetic encounters in my life that lack this quality. It's a gift to be reminded of the difference.