The Reed Switchboard

Wow! So many new readers and queries. Thank you and please forgive the delay in getting back to you -- I just returned from Portland. I'm plowing thorugh my in-box now. I try to keep posts relevant to calligraphy and beauty here but given how many new visitors I'm getting from students via the Reed Switchboard  (thank you for visiting!) I had to share a new totally insane idea I am part of in which 18 friends try to collectively help college graduates from my alma mater, Reed College, find work they are passionate about. Lagging economy? What lagging economy? Astronomical unemployment for young people? Never heard of it. Liberal arts school student stuck in a miserable data entry job five years after graduation? Not happening. Back at GBAC the motto of the house was "Never a dish in the sink." And the motto of this project seems to be "Never a Reedie in a miserable job, without the prospect of at least talking to someone about moving on to something they are passionate about." I know. It is the most insane thing I've ever heard of, and so far it's been amazing. If you went to Reed, or know someone who did, or know someone who loves to work with and hire Reedies, and gets what this project is about please email me or follow us on Twitter. And now, back to pen and ink!