We've hiked many weekends in Los Angeles. That's the part no one ever mentions. That you could take a different hike ever single weekend in the area and probably never exhaust them in your lifetime. And every one is more gorgeous than the next. Our "lazy hike" is also the closest to us, at Will Rogers State Park. After a pleasant 3 mile trek, an expansive, lush green lawn awaits for picnicking, napping and reading in the sun (along with rocking chairs in front of the historic house). I treat the park like our back yard. But my guilty pleasure is that there is a video of Will Rogers' rope tricks shown on a continuous loop at the Visitor's Center. No matter how many times I see it, I still find myself astonished at his talent (next time I'm just going to buy this DVD.) There's a clip above (the slow motion at ~2:11 almost chokes me up. And yes, he ropes a mouse to his bed.) Unfortunately the best clips-- blindfolded, with double ropes and two horses, etc.--aren't available online.