At a certain point it becomes unsustainable to buy even a fraction of what I'd want to in Italy.  So I have started a Pinterest board called "The things I didn't buy in Italy." A good example of this is what was to be found this weekend at the world-famous antiques market in Arrezzo. What I didn't buy: cameos, chandeliers, a family of lamps with such character, a box of weights, vintage pen nibs, an watercolor and photo album from 1901 with photos of a naval commander's travels (with lots of young women...) to China, and countless other sparklies. What I couldn't resist: a drawing of that same naval officer's son (?), a miniature chair, an old leather wallet with the most terrific patina. Also, a photo album covered in rabbit fur with a gold plate that says "Souveniers de Chasse" (seen over on Instagram). I'm curious: how do you navigate overwhelming antiques markets? Do you have a good way of of deciding what to buy and what to leave? It's so hard!