I've been wanting to share photos of this tattoo since Jordan instagrammed them right after he got inked. The wait is over! As I reflect on the dozens of tattoos I've created, what strikes me is that nearly all of my clients are motivated to mark the most optimistic thing we can hope for in life: there was darkness and then came the light. It's an honor to be called into service in my clients' lives when that light appears. Jordan writes: 

The past year has marked a lot of positive changes in my life. This time last year I was in a job which was making me really unhappy and so I decided to take the plunge and have a complete change of career. Almost 12 months on and am a full time journalist and photographer and loving every moment! I also married the love of my life this summer and wanted something to mark this positive part of my life.

Diriget deus translates from Latin into 'God will direct' and is a nod back to my family's roots in Scotland when this was the clan motto on the Butters coat of arms.

Photographs were taken by my wife, Naomi. The tattoo was done by Stuart Archibald at The Family Business in Exmouth Market, London.

Thanks so much Jordan, Naomi and Stuart!