52 x 52 + being charitable in all ways

Do you know about the awesome project that the awesome Jessica Hische created called 52 x 52? The premise is that you commit to giving a certain amount to charity every week. And every week the site offers you a suggested charity. You can learn more about it here. I jused signed up. It raises the issue of creative types and charity, which I try my best to be mindful of (and very often scrutinize blogs who aren't charitably inclined). But if you are affiliated with a charitable organization out there, and can think of a way I might be of assistance other than cash donations (certificates for volunteers, auction items, place cards for an event, a pretty banner) please don't be shy about getting in touch. I always like to learn about new causes.

And while I'm in mind of Jessica, her recent post on Inspiration vs. Imitation is a MUST READ for anyone interested in design (and very much applies to calligraphy...as does everything else she writes). Lately I've been getting links from concerned colleagues who come across work that looks eerily like mine (and what I find so interesting is how immediately I know it isn't mine, but others may not). I don't have the time or inclination to write the note of concern she suggests, but I'm so glad she brought these issues up.