Hello and a special welcome to new Neither Snow visitors. I'm so grateful that you've stopped by thanks to some recent posts (here, here, here and here). To all: please forgive the radio silence. Since I last posted, we've been frantically packing and preparing for a move to Los Angeles, where we'll be stationed for the year (please drop a line if you'd like to collaborate out west!). It was a neverending parade to and fro all of the usual "we're moving" locations (post office, big box stores, Salvation Army), not to mention finishing up some fantastic projects inbetween, which I will share with you momentarily.

We are taking two weeks to cross the country via I-81 and then to I-40, and camping along the way. I write to you from the Big Meadows Lodge of Shenandoah National Park. It is just stunning.  The golden light through the leaves is bewitching, the sunsets a swirl of salmons and blues. There are many Amish families here and I've been captivated by their bonnets and handmade dresses that I spot every once in a while in the meadows. More pictures from the trip coming soon. But next up: a tribute to Mary Heron.