One of the most challenging parts of our wedding was finding a ketubah text that resonated. Meg over at A Practical Wedding has some great posts on this topic. After searching high and low, we found the perfect one written by Gilah Langner and David Drelich in Anita Diamant's New Jewish Wedding (see pages 94 - 95). When I contacted Rabbi Langer to ask her permission to use it, she said the only stipulation was that I send photos of the finished product. Well, more than a year later I'm getting around to doing just that.

It was beautifully blind printed by EmPrint Press. Our initials, fashioned out of compasses, are at the top (more on the compass theme of the wedding found here) and the text follows. What I liked most about Rabbi Langner's words is that it felt less declarative and contractual but instead reads like a conversation or a story: "And how the bride agreed and said...And how the groom agreed and said." Also, reading the line "Enlarge the place of your tent and let us live together, beloved friends..." always moves me. Thank you to Rabbi Langner!