I was saddened to read about Theadora van Runkle's death. She designed costumes for Bonnie and Clyde, The Godfather II and Bullitt. The first time I saw Bonnie and Clyde I paused the movie at certain scenes so I could take in Faye's outfits (how amazing is that camisole + necklace + cigarette + hat?). But van Runkle was also responsible for less heralded but equally memorable ensembles that appeared in some films of my youth: Troop Beverly Hills and The Butcher's Wife. Do you remember Shelley Long's cape? And those yellow and white backpacks? And when Demi Moore appears in that adorable white dress...and weren't there weird little shoes too?

Speaking of weird: have you ever found an image and then clicked "Search similar images" in Google? I did so with that photo of the troop in the grasses and those are the images that came up. I love how, for this search at least,  the algorithm seems to be all about color and composition, and not content.

Listening to Serge + Brigitte and thinking of Theadora today.

{Images via Dolceaficionada and Pretty Terrible/Terrible Pretty}