Little America: A homage

Perhaps it was because our road trip was such a frenzy of natural beauty and roadside BBQ shacks that by the time we arrived at Little America in Flagstaff the hotel seemed like a palace of design. I'd like to think it's not just because my senses had be flooded with mountain vistas and red checkered tablecloths that I noticed, and fell in love with, the (top to bottom) carpet patterns, old prints, chandeliers, vintage maps, room decor, bedspread and gauzy curtains hiding the Ponderosa pine forest. All this at 1980s prices. Amanda told me grand stories about the founding of Little America: how it was created as a family destination off of major highways where you could enjoy all of the comforts of home -- a turkey dinner, a comfortable bed, friendly American hospitality. Unfortunately there is a dearth of information on this totally charming chain (I even went to the gift shop and asked if there was a coffee table book on the history of the hotel and they looked at me like I was crazy). After our stay, I considered only vacationing in cities with Little America hotels. It is a national treasure.