We took a little road trip to Boston last weekend, which you'll hear more about in the coming letters. We stopped at the Joyce Kilmer Service Station in New Jersey. It is one of the few, if only, rest stops I've seen with an italic font on its sign. Do you know who Joyce Kilmer is? Neither did I. He (yes, he) wrote that poem "Trees" that begins

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

in addition to being a journalist, dictionary editor and sergeant during World War I. He died quite early, at 31. Learning even a little bit about him makes me think I should probably pay more attention to the people honored by highway rest stops.

Anyway, at the rest stop there was a kind maintenance man who smiled at everyone as they hustled through the food court to the bathrooms. His name tag read "Gamal." So this William Morris postcard is to the station manager, in appreciation of Gamal's smile in an otherwise dreary day of driving. If you happen to be at the rest stop and have a positive experience with the customer service emlployees, the mailing address (which yes, took forever to find) is: Post Office Box 212 Millton, NJ 08850