Collaboration with: Satsuma Press + We Love Liam

I am so excited to announce this greeting card collaboration with Satsuma Press. Lynn Russell designed a pair of striking letter-pressed card with feathers in blue and then we set Neither Snow calligraphy around the edges. The quote: “Birds of a feather flock together.” I love the heartfelt message, and it feels appropriate for the holiday season when we prioritize both flocking and togetherness.  You can find the cards in sets of two and four here.

But also: Lynn does some inspiring work for her son Liam who has spinal muscular atrophy, and children like him. You can check out Lynn’s touching blog here, where you purchase a children’s book written by Lynn’s mom about the adventures of her grandson; read Lynn’s beautifully articulated thoughts about being a parent to a delightful six year old boy in a 200 pound mechanical chair; and also donate to the Liam Russell Special Needs Trust. This holiday season, I’m so grateful for collaborators like Lynn.